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20/02 Feb 2020

Why travel insurance is a trip essential, regardless of age

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt/   by Agnes Chung   Every so often, news headlines feature Canadians running into costly financial surprises resulting from insufficient travel insurance coverage or failure to understand their policy. Travel Health Insurance Association (THIA) 2019 traveller survey revealed “45 percent of Canadians believe provincial health insurance cover some medical expenses incurred […]

20/01 Jan 2020

Going meatless – is it another food fad?

Photo Credit: Impossible Foods   by Agnes Chung   From Meatless Monday to EAT-Lancet diet, Canadians are decreasing or eliminating their meat consumption for health, animal welfare, environmental and taste reasons. Nearly 20 percent of the population (6.5 million Canadians) follow a vegan, vegetarian or meat-restricted diet, according to a March 2019 Canada’s Food Guide […]

19/11 NOV 2019

Secret Grief

by Frank Dabbs   The New Testament and the teachings of Christ are silent about abortion, although in Jesus’ day, abortion induced by herbal potions was widely practiced throughout the Roman Empire. It is not silent about the unconditional love, enjoining Christ’s followers to fulfill his law of love by bearing one another’s burdens and […]

19/11 NOV 2019

Cranberries: health benefits

Photo Credit: Nikao Media   by Agnes Chung   Some people may argue that you can’t have turkey without cranberry sauce. I am not a cranberry sauce fan, but I like the holiday berry for its year-round health benefits. It’s a superfood packed with preventative properties. In North America, Indigenous people have long known about […]

19/11 NOV 2019

How we view mental health in the Christian community

by Cheryl Edwards   Mental Illness is a widespread epidemic affecting the lives of many. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association: 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health illness. Mental illness is no respecter of persons and it can affect anyone at any given time. Depression and anxiety, along […]

19/02 Feb 2019

How AI technology is influencing and changing our lives

by Agnes Chung Photo Credit: Kevin Bhagat   Imagine! You wake up in the morning. Your mirror reads you the morning news while you brush your teeth. It plays your favourite songs when your shower is on, and tells your microwave to cook your breakfast. All these tasks are made possible with artificial intelligence (AI). […]

19/01 Jan 2019

A different kind of thrift store: ReStore

by Katie Pearn and Angelos Kyriakides   When people hear the words “thrift store,” lumber and flooring tiles aren’t usually the kind of items that come to mind. However if anyone were to venture into one of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores, those are the kind of products they are likely to find. ReStores are thrift […]

18/10 October 2018

Coffee: Where to draw the line between safe and risky consumption?

by Agnes Chung   “I start my day with a single expresso. Double expresso if I’m in-store. In a day, I have around eight to ten cups,” says Peter Lee of Caffe Umbria. A coffee sommelier, Lee says he does a lot of tasting in his work. One time heavy coffee drinker, Dale Clements says, […]