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19/12 Dec 2019

Wanting it all at Christmas

by Frank King   As I entered my gym, I saw a red stocking hanging amongst other Christmas decorations. Scribbled on it was this message: Dear Santa: I want it all! OK, so most of us would never admit to wanting it all. But isn’t that the mantra of our culture? Get, get, get, get. […]

19/12 Dec 2019

His-Story, the greatest of all stories

Rt. Rev. Dr. Trevor H. Walters   A captivating story often has a baby at the centre of the tale. The birth is surrounded by great expectations, fear, questioned survival and some mystery. We are tantalized by the author who portrays young lovers, often with an aspect of forbidden love, questionable sexual activity, an untimely […]

19/12 Dec 2019

Katharina Luther: Reformation Firestarter

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   Martin Luther & his wife Katharina dearly loved Christmas. Tradition even credits them with having the first Christmas tree. On this 502nd anniversary of the Reformation, it is worth remembering that Luther’s marriage revolution allowed pastors to marry for the first time in over 500 years. Marriage […]

19/12 Dec 2019

A Cultured Christmas

Canada boasts a rapidly changing population, increased numbers of newcomers to Canada and a brighter cultural mosaic than ever before. One in five people in Canada are foreign born. Our diversity shines brightly, especially at Christmas, when folks celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ in contexts that are most meaningful to them, and remember the […]

19/12 Dec 2019

The Christian calendar year: GLORY! THE FEAST OF THE NATIVITY Dec 25

by Steve Bell   On the Feast of Nativity, we look into the humble, entirely vulnerable face of the Christ Child and ask how we can possibly perceive the “splendour of the Father, and the figure of His substance” as Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen has so eloquently suggested we might. What possible internal […]

19/11 NOV 2019

The Christian calendar year: Advent: A season of attentive waiting

by Steve Bell   He came with love to Bethlehem; He comes with grace into our souls; He will come with justice at the end of the world. Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalene Advent simply means “to come” (Latin: advenire, from ad-’to’ venire-’come’). Christians have traditionally set aside this liturgical season to anticipate the […]

19/10 Oct 2019

Operation Christmas Child: Salem’s Dream: helping as many children as possible

Time to pack shoeboxes   From her earliest days, 11-year-old Salem Keogh remembers her mother packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for children in need. Now, she’s leading the way for her Calgary family to provide gift-filled boxes for 10,000 children. “You should help as many kids as you can because God loves everyone,” said Salem, […]

18/12 Dec 2018

Calgary Christmas markets

by Agnes Chung   It is Christmas time. Nowhere else buzzes with more festivity than the Christmas markets. Experience the season’s sounds, scents, and sights, while browsing for unique gifts and savouring scrumptious treats. Here are two popular family-friendly markets that make for unbeatable festive ambience. Heritage Park Historical Village Spread over 127 acres, the […]

18/12 Dec 2018

The reformer and Christmas: another side of Luther

by Marion Van Driel   Contemplating the Protestant Reformation finds us wondering at Luther’s courage as he dared challenge the political and religious leaders of his day to change their ways. It’s easy to imagine Martin Luther in his solitary cell, furrowed brow, Bible open, working out his doctrinal positions, ink and quill scratching rough […]

18/12 Dec 2018

A very Mennonite Christmas

By Laureen F. Guenther Albert and Tena Guenther of Saskatoon grew up in the 1940s and 1950s on family farms just north of the city, with large extended families nearby. Their families attended traditional Mennonite churches, but the children attended local English-speaking schools. At school, in the weeks before Christmas, Tena remembers, they’d push back […]