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20/01 Jan 2020

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, the power of a difficult friendship

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   Have you ever had a difficult colleague who profoundly impacted your life? C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, two of the most famous and versatile English writers, had that kind of bond. The companionship between Lewis and the man he called “Tollers” inspired the chapter on friendship (philea) […]

19/12 Dec 2019

Katharina Luther: Reformation Firestarter

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   Martin Luther & his wife Katharina dearly loved Christmas. Tradition even credits them with having the first Christmas tree. On this 502nd anniversary of the Reformation, it is worth remembering that Luther’s marriage revolution allowed pastors to marry for the first time in over 500 years. Marriage […]

19/10 Oct 2019

Catharine Parr Traill: Pioneer author on fire

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   Like many other English citizens, following the 1803-1815 Napoleonic wars, Catharine Strickland and her sisters were left destitute. Catharine married Thomas Traill, a poor Scottish soldier with a peace-time half-salary who was offered a land grant in Canada. She wrote a farewell letter to a good friend, […]

19/09 Sep 2019

Susanna Wesley: Mother on Fire

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   Never underestimate the power of a praying mom. Has your life been impacted by a sacrificial mother who would never give up? Born in 1669, Susanna Wesley raised up two of Christianity’s most gifted leaders, John and Charles Wesley. Susanna, was the twenty-fifth of twenty-five siblings. Her […]

19/06 June 2019

Evan Roberts in the land of Revivals

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   How might Canada be different if ten per cent of Canadians entered into the Kingdom of God in the next two years? That’s what happened in Wales, the land of revivals and song. Evan Roberts, the spiritual father of the 1904 Welsh Revival, worked from age 12 […]

19/05 May 2019

Corrie ten Boom: Victory through Surrender

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   Corrie ten Boom once said: “I’ve never had the joy of bringing to birth a child, but I’ve often had the great joy to bring the rebirth to someone else. The creative life that a woman had to be married and have children, I could use in […]

19/04 April 2019

George Whitefield: Waking up to the Fire of Christ

(Photo: George Whitefield, painting by Joseph Badger)   by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   When is the last time that your pastor had to be hoisted, like George Whitefield, through a window into your crowded church building, because there was no other way in? The Rev. George Whitefield (1714 – 1770) took part […]

19/03 March 2019

John G. Lake: Healing Rooms founder

by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird   What if most of the people in your family died from incurable illnesses? Born in St Mary’s in Ontario in 1870, John G. Lake moved with his family to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in 1886. Eight of his siblings died, despite the best care from medical doctors. […]

19/02 Feb 2019

Aimee Semple McPherson: Canadian fire-starter

by Rev Dr Ed & Janice Hird   What if we told you that Aimee Semple McPherson was the most famous North American woman in the 1920s? How is it that a Canadian farm girl impacted the lives of millions around the world? Pastor Barry Buzza, former National Leader of the Canadian Foursquare Churches comments, […]

19/01 Jan 2019

Indebted to the Wesleys

by Rev Dr Ed & Janice Hird   In the early 1700s, after General James Oglethorpe rescued 10,000 people from Debtors Prison, he recruited John & Charles Wesley to serve these ex-debtors as Anglican priests in the new colony of Savanah, Georgia. The Wesleys were Oxford University academics with little pastoral experience. When they arrived […]