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A truly international ministry

By David Rodrigeuz

The greatest success has been the manifestation and faithfulness of God in the 32 years of our congregation since it was founded. Our congregation is composed of over 20 different nationalities, albeit all Spanish speakers but certainly with different cultures and backgrounds.  We do not promote one over the other.  We celebrate all, all are welcome.  Our congregation makes an earnest attempt to learn from each other’s backgrounds and customs.


An international ministry

Our ministry is focused not just on our city but around the world. We support 20 missionaries in an integral way, that is, not only by sending money but through constant communication and awareness of their needs. An interesting fact for which we thank God is the number of children and young people in our church, and even more interesting is the attraction that these young people have towards the church.

Our YouTube channel reaches more than 100,000 subscribers.  The most viewed sermon on our channel has over 2 million views, and in general we have over 24 million views.  The majority of the content on our channel is sermons – the Word of God.

It keeps on growing!  Who would have thought?  God did.  We will continue to do our part to share the Gospel of Jesus online. Our Facebook page has over 5,000 followers.  At the end of December in 2019 we reached 5,000 and we hope to reach 6,000 by the end of 2020.  In a 28-day cycle, our posts have a reach of over 23,000 people.  This means a daily verse, our daily prayer chain at noon, live services, etc. are all reaching all these people.  We really don’t know how far and wide the word of God can reach online.  Or who receives it just in time.



Some of the challenges when trying to connect all these cultures is making sure our church gatherings do not become a social activity or event.  Always pursuing a balance and ensuring the wonderful Gospel of Christ is always the central point of attention.  The bible encourages us to have fellowship with one another, absolutely!  But the main activity is to worship, praise and learn His word.  Walk out the church doors, physically or virtually, better and different than how we walked in.


Developing positive relationships with people of other ethnic backgrounds

Among the feedback we receive is that we are a very welcoming church.  Our welcome committee does a great job ensuring everyone that enters thru the church doors, are greeted with a smile, handshake or a hug.  This is possibly one of the hardest ministries because it involves people and interaction.  Not everyone is friendly, not everyone is having a good day, and sometimes people just don’t want to be in a church.  For us to have the amazing opportunity to be the first impression of what we represent as ambassadors of Christ is such a blessing!  We know that, much like them, we, one day also crossed those doors of a church, feeling all those feelings, and someone greeted us regardless of our ethnic background and/or spiritual condition.

The presence of the Holy Spirit

We believe that the help and power of the Holy Spirit makes it possible for a ministry to remain and be fruitful. The Spirit of God has made it possible for many to surrender to Christ throughout these three decades. We have seen lives transformed by the power of the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Spirit has helped this humble ministry by readily convicting our viewers/listeners with the Word of God.  We receive messages from all over the world from brothers and sisters in Christ, whom have come back to the church family, who are working on changing an aspect of their life, or behaviour, to honour God.  By doing so, they’re testifying to their families, friends and co-workers who witness these changes. The good news of the gospel is spreading and that’s something that can only be done by the Holy Spirit.

Dr. David Rodríguez is the lead pastor at Tabernáculo Bíblico Bautista El Redentor


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