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Unpacking and exploring the truth

By Frank King


A few months ago, I found an entertaining blog that listed “32 Reasons to be an Atheist (as Opposed to a Christian),” by someone calling themselves ‘Violetwisp’.

It’s a great opportunity to explain the truth about following Jesus – and maybe you can use this information to share your faith with friends. Here are four examples:

They say:  You can look at natural wonders and be amazed by them instead of thinking an all-powerful deity made them on a whim or plan.

I say: Why can’t I be amazed by natural wonders AND think about their creator? Is it really wrong or backward to say, “thanks for making this, God,” when I experience a mountain lake or a prairie sunrise?

They say:  You don’t have to worry that every political shift in the world is a sign of the inevitable end times.

I say: I feel bad for Christians who obsess on the end of the world and how this or that event is leading us to it. In the book of Matthew, Jesus is quoted as saying, “No one knows when that day or time will be. The Son and the angels in heaven don’t know when it will be. Only the Father knows.” That statement alone should be enough to stop people from wasting time on the unanswerable question – especially when Jesus spent far more of his time telling us the best ways to live in the here and now.

They say:  You don’t have to worry about dying because there’s no sense that maybe you didn’t make it with your brand of faith.

I say: Sadly, there are some people who, despite having accepted God’s gift of His Son (and assurance of eternity in Heaven with Him), still worry about what happens after they die.

Sometimes, I’m one of them. I get caught up in this world’s obsession with buying more stuff, getting more sex, collecting more power and going on more vacations. I forget that I have nothing to worry about – and your friends won’t either, if they decide to follow Jesus.

They say: You can let your children make up their mind about life, and not brainwash them with a specific belief.

I say: It’s my firm belief that everyone, including me, is brainwashed in some way. I also know that as they grow up, children will receive a tsunami of brainwashing about our culture’s likes and dislikes. Based on that, every parent should equip their children with a solid Jesus-focused anchor when that brainwashing takes place.

So, what do you think about these four reasons and my responses?


Frank King is the Manager of Media Relations for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse Canada. Frank’s views are his own and do not reflect on his role as manager of media relations for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada and Samaritan’s Purse Canada.