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Praying for a spiritual turnaround

50th annual Prayer Breakfast to coincide with first day of Marijuana legalization


Crime, drug use, divorce rates, mental health problems, suicide – pick any statistic or trend; the consequences of spiritual poverty can be seen and felt everywhere across our nation.

Despite this backdrop of statistical disillusionment, Christians have an eternal wellspring of hope.  For everything we fear, for every sorrow, for every evil, for every trend that concerns us, and for everything we cannot change by our own resources, Christians have prayer – access to the kindness, mercy, and power of God, the creator and lover of our souls.

For 50 years running, there is one day on the Calgary calendar that stands out brighter, more radiant, and eternally meaningful, because on this day, the Calgary community gathers in the hundreds to declare that we have a living hope, and to petition ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ for the needs of our city, province, and nation.

This is what you’ll hear from Jason Caldwell, if you ask him about the purpose of the Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast, an organization that he serves as its chairman.

Celebrating their 50th annual breakfast, this year’s event will take place on Wednesday, October 17, 7-9 am, and will be hosted at a much larger venue; the Telus Calgary Convention Centre. 

Perhaps a coincidence, but probably not – this is the same date that the Trudeau government announced the beginning of decriminalized marijuana sales and consumption across Canada.

“Our nation is at a cross roads,” continues Caldwell,.“We need to pray for God’s mercy to visit us – we need a spiritual turnaround. This is why we pray.  This is where change starts. “

Highlighting this year’s event will be Calgary Herald columnist, Licia Corbella. Always on the front lines of news and opinion, Licia will share the one news story that never gets old: the good news of Jesus Christ.

Formerly known as the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, the name was changed at the request of the Mayor’s office.  When asked about the word Leadership in the event’s name, Caldwell says “Regardless of age or occupation, a hallmark trait of leaders is their uneasy relationship with the status quo. From moms and dads to grandparents, to high school students, to company CEO’s, everyone is invited to attend. We are all leaders, commissioned by our Lord, and we must consider prayers of petition a responsibility of love and service to our families, our neighbours, our community, and our nation. This is where hope begins, for a brighter tomorrow.”

City Light News is very pleased to be a media sponsor of this event. 

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