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19/06 June 2019

Intercessory prayer is loving with sacrificial compassion

by Brother Andrew – Founder of Open Doors International   God’s people are not doing what He told us to do: love our enemies, reach the lost, live sacrificially and walk in uprightness and humility with our Lord. The immediate result is fear of the unknown, often dressed up in romantic fashion when it comes […]

19/05 May 2019

The importance of being valued

by Ed Epp   A nine-year-old girl in the slums of Kinshasa sat in her new wheelchair. I knew that she was now in school for the first time and I was excited to be there to record the success story of her being mobile and in school. But when she told me she had […]

19/05 May 2019

Presenting the Word: ESL in Japan

by Marion Van Driel   People relate to stories that resonate with cultural familiarity. And so Mike Hoyer, ESL instructor in Japan, uses the common bicycle wheel as an object lesson. With over 70 billion bicycles in the country, it’s an apt illustration. The hub of the wheel, he suggests, represents God who is at […]

19/05 May 2019

Assistive Technology Catalyst wheelchairs

by Frank Dabbs There is a New Testament story in Luke chapter five about a group of friends who wanted Jesus to minister to a paralyzed man. They carried the invalid on his bed to the home where Jesus was staying. When they arrived, they could not push through the people who had gathered at […]

19/04 April 2019

The cost John Chau was willing to pay

MISSIONS FEST ALBERTA   Dear Friends, Our hearts have been saddened in recent days, to learn of the death of one of our All Nations workers. I’m sure you have heard of this in the news. John Chau died after being attacked by bows and arrows as he attempted to engage with an unreached tribe […]

19/03 March 2019

Soli Deo Gloria

Missions Fest Alberta   by Paul Estabrooks  

19/02 Feb 2019

Seek Justice Summit

by Katie Pearn   When you hear the terms ‘human trafficking’ or ‘sexual violence and exploitation’, what comes to mind? For some, it may bring up horrifying scenes from movies like Taken, or images of foreign women trapped against their wills. These types of images certainly represent part of the issue, but it may be […]

19/02 Feb 2019

Investing hope

by Katie Pearn   When Jim Frantz, founder of Investing Hope Foundation, first visited Colombia in 1986, he could never have guessed the adventure God had planned for him there, or the real dangers where he would need faith in the face of fear. As a student at the University of Minnesota, he was originally […]


Stephen’s Backpacks began with one child’s compassion

by Laureen F. Guenther   Stephen’s Backpacks Society, based in Airdrie, has provided Back-to-School backpacks and Christmas backpacks to 61,000 needy children since December 2006. They’ve also provided 15,000 pairs of new running shoes for children going back to school and furnished apartment homes for 32 formerly-homeless families. Last year alone, working through 47 agencies […]

19/01 Jan 2019

Christmas fun at Hope Mission in Calgary

Hope Mission hosted three community events in December to help celebrate the Christmas season. Starting with the Kids Christmas Party on December 1, more than 200 children between the ages 6 and 11, and their families, were served an activity-filled afternoon that included lunch. The Youth Christmas Party was on December 8, about 85 youth […]