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Engage: A spotlight on Christian Mission and Ministry - Winter 2019/2020

Engage: A spotlight on Christian Mission and Ministry – Winter 2019/2020

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Nothing is impossible for God: Nothing!

Missions Fest Alberta:

The business of restoration

The Persecuted Church











Nothing is impossible for God: Nothing!

Nearly five years ago, Give the Word was two years into our launch in Winnipeg, MB. We were a growing ministry, raising funds to give away Bibles for free to ministries that needed them across Canada.

One morning, we received a call from Reynold Maines (the son of David Maines who founded 100 Huntley Street). Reynold says, “I don’t know if you remember me but I was in Winnipeg awhile ago and we were briefly introduced. You didn’t have time to chat long but you gave me one of your Bibles and your business card.” He went on to say how they had a ministry in Uganda that was in desperate need of Bibles for community outreach and evangelism. He specified how they were looking for 500-1000 copies of the New Living Translation Bible in hardcover that would be suitable for outreach and asked if Give the Word would be able to donate them.

As much as I wanted to be able to say yes, we were not yet in the position to provide for this request. We did not have these Bibles in stock which meant we would have to take this on as a new project and raise funds for it. One thousand hardcover Bibles is no small price tag. I relayed to Reynold that we were still a small ministry and that we would not be able to provide those Bibles at this time and that we were also not set up to be able to ship a large order like this overseas, due to the high cost. He replied, “No problem at all. I didn’t know how big or small of an organization you were and figured I would just ask.”

I hung up the phone, moved on with my day and put it out of my mind.

That same night, around 6 pm, I get a phone call from Regina. It was a businessman who was asking about Give the Word. He said “We don’t know each other but I’ve been following online what you guys are doing, and noticed that you give away the New Living Translation.” “We sure do,” I told him,“what can I help you with?”

He went on to tell me his story of how he got saved through someone giving him a New Living Translation Bible and God has put it on his heart to give others that same opportunity. He ended up funding a project with his own money to have 10,000 copies printed of the New Living Translation Bible in hardcover that was designed for outreach, that also has his own personal testimony of salvation in it. He shared that an entire distribution plan for these Bibles had recently fallen apart. He says to me “Ryan, I have 10,000 Hardcover NLT Bibles in my warehouse, I don’t know what to do with. I know that my ministry can’t continue like I had planned but I’d like it to continue through Give the Word and I would like to donate the entire 10,000 Bibles to you”.

Ummm WHAT?? That’s about $150,000 worth of Bibles for absolutely free, and these were the exact Bibles that Reynold was asking for in Uganda and now we were being offered 10 times what they needed.

We accepted the offer and they were shipped to us a few days later. We even had all 10 pallets of them shipped for free from a local trucking company.

I called Reynold back and told him the news that we had the Bibles he needed, and all we had to do was figure out shipping to Uganda.

A day or two after the news about getting the Bibles for free, I visited one of our donors. He owns a farm equipment company. I sat down with him in his office and before we even started the meeting, he hands me a cheque for $10,000 and says to use it wherever it’s needed. Amazing! I decided to tell him about what had just happened and asked if he would be ok with us using some of this cheque to ship 1,000 Bibles to Uganda. He pauses for a second and starts to chuckle. He says “Ryan, I am filling a container of farm equipment at this very moment that is destined for Uganda for a humanitarian project I am working on. Why don’t I just put the Bibles in my container and that way it costs you nothing.

I was floored! Twenty-four hours ago, this Bible request was an impossible ask, but God was at work here long before those Bible were even requests – and we had 9,000 Bibles left over.

I called Reynold and told him the news. We both just laughed and thanked God for orchestrating the impossible. To make it even sweeter, the distance from where the container was going to in Uganda to where the ministry was that needed the Bibles was only a 1 hour drive.

God’s word never returns void. It’s one of God’s many promises. Isaiah 55:11 says God’s word will never return void, but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it.

PS…the other 9000 Bibles were donated to Bible camps across Canada as well as to some Inuit communities in Nunavut, Canada. (We even had an airline fly them up north at no cost.) Praise the Lord!












A glimpse of what God has done in twenty-five years!

by Joan Hubert, Executive Director, Missions Fest Alberta

First and foremost, Missions Fest Alberta (MFA) is all about Jesus Christ and His passion for the lost. Prayer is the most important part of this ministry – it is only through the prayers of God’s people that lives are changed, and thousands of people have been ‘thrust out’ into the Harvest.

We are so thankful for the glimpses that God gives us to remind us how, over the past twenty-five years, He has been using Missions Fest Alberta to have an impact on individuals, families, churches, and ministries. We give the Lord all the praise and glory; it is His vision, His plan, His provision, and His work!

We hear amazing stories about how MFA has played an important role in bringing life-changing experiences to many people, helping them to become Kingdom-minded as they learn where God would have them get involved in the Great Commission. Here are just a few of the ways conference attendees are involved in serving:

– Teaching everyday life skills
– Helping with building projects
– Medical professionals in clinics around the world
– Providing micro-loans for small businesses
– Linguistics and translation
– Relief and community development
– Communications
– Training in aviation to fly into remote locations
– Emergency support and disaster help
– Teaching in Bible Schools and school, ESL
– Construction and trades
– Setting up refurbished playgrounds
– Gleaners, processing dried fruits and vegetables.
– Camps: inner-city, youth, children, family, summer
– Sponsoring orphanages, schools, churches
– Justice, rescuing from war, slavery, sex trade, etc
– Inner-City ministries working with the homeless
– Chaplains, companies, prison, hospitals, military, etc

Missions Fest Alberta is an annual 3-day family-oriented missions conference, supported and organized by individuals and congregations from several evangelical denominations. Missions Fest’s goal is to help individuals find the place where their interests and abilities can best be put to use in the Great Harvest. The three-fold purpose is to inform and celebrate what God is doing all over the world; to educate Christians about their responsibility and involvement in world evangelization and missions; to challenge believers to pray, give, send, and go.

We invite you to join us for Missions Fest Alberta’s 26th Annual Conference, “Be Thou My Vision” February 21-23 at West Edmonton Christian Assembly. Be challenged by dynamic keynote speakers, learn more in seminars, connect with organizations working around the world, and celebrate with a variety of ethnic music and worship. For more information, see the Missions Fest Alberta ad on this page or visit

Keynote Speakers: Scott Kennedy, Andrew Wommack Ministries Canada; Greg Musselman,100 Huntley Street / The Voice of the Martyrs and Nizar Shaheen, Light For All Nations.
Activities include: Prayer Room; Children’s Ministries; Youth and Young Adult Night & Activities; General Assemblies; Panel Discussion; Sing to the Nations; Worship: Traditional & Contemporary; Seminars; Praying for the Nations; MFA Luncheon*; Exhibit Hall with local, national & international mission organizations, camps, Bible colleges, universities; Prayer Area; Missions Search Centre; ‘Unleashed for the Unreached’ Wall; MFA Store. No General Registration. Free General Admission. Free-Will Offerings will be taken during Assemblies and at the Donation Centres. (*Tickets required only for Luncheon.)

The conference is facilitated by hundreds of volunteers annually, and we are thankful for those who dedicate their time and talent to serve each year. Consider volunteering and experience the blessings!

Join us as we pray for the conference; and please access the Prayer Bulletin, available on our website. Our spiritual preparation is vitally important! The Prayer Room is open throughout the weekend, and the prayer team is available in all Sessions and in the Exhibit Hall. Please pray that God will work mightily to accomplish His purposes in hearts and lives for the praise, honour, and glory of His own great Name. Take the challenge to pray for a nation for one year, visit Praying For The Nations in the lobby.

Our prayer is that Missions Fest Alberta 2020 will help you ‘Find Your Purpose, Make A Difference’ (MFA Missions Statement). We look forward to seeing you and hearing about how you have been impacted. May God richly bless you as you seek to do His will and His work!



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The business of restoration

By Emily Montesano

Looking over his dusty field, Wolde remembered a time when his family’s 30-acre farm was lush and vibrant. But inheriting land split between his siblings meant that his farm was both limited and overworked. Six months a year were marked with hunger, with only one meal per day to sustain him and his family.
But this is not God’s heart. In John 10:10, Jesus tells us, “I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

We know that God is good, and is for His people. He created us in perfect relationship with Him, to enjoy His good gifts and abundant blessings. God is working to redeem the whole of creation. He is in the business of restoration. Fifty years ago, Wolde’s family farm in Ethiopia was vast and full of life, filled with trees and abundant harvests. But as the family grew, the land was split into smaller plots, and more land was needed. Trees were cut down to make space. The soil became overworked and sandy, and heavy rain washed a lot of it away.

Wolde inherited poor soil. With no other options, he was forced to try to make ends meet with what he had. But no matter how hard he tried, he could never grow enough to provide enough food for him and his family. For half of the year, they only ate one meal a day. His children became weak.

But then he heard that the local church was teaching farmers a new type of farming – called conservation agriculture – one that could increase his crop yields by 3 to 4 times! He couldn’t believe it was true, but had little to lose. While he was there, the trainers taught Wolde how to replenish the land with compost, mulch and minimum tilling. He also learned about God’s heart for restoration.

Wolde got to work. He replenished his dusty fields into healthy soil and began reaping higher yields! He soon had a harvest large enough not only to feed his family but to sell as well. The amount of time required to maintain his crop reduced, he experienced new community and received a new heart for God’s creation. “The soil is now improving, and it’s growing better yields. We are seeing the difference within months,” Wolde exclaimed joyfully.

Catching a glimpse of God’s heart for restoration in his own family and community, he decided he couldn’t wait to tell others and became an ambassador of this mission in Ethiopia. He shared, “The basic principle of conservation agriculture starts with our relationship with God, our neighbours, and the resources God has given us. In Ethiopia, we have destroyed the environment as the population has grown. This has affected the land, our communities, and our churches. We are now involved in a restoration movement.”

Poverty is a result of broken relationships; relationships with God and people, within ourselves, with each other, and with creation. Any attempts to address poverty must focus holistically, not only on the economic aspect of poverty – but the social, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well.

Thanks to God, Wolde’s field is now thriving and providing him and his family with what they need to live life to the fullest. He eagerly tithes to his church and builds relationships with his neighbours. He is always smiling.

The teaching Wolde received was part of the ministry work of Tearfund. Honouring God’s mission of restoration and inviting others into seeing His earth restored. Acting as Jesus’ hands and feet, giving people the resources they need to lift themselves out of economic, social, emotional and spiritual poverty.

Learn more at


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The Persecuted Church

edited by Al Coats

Ethiopian pastors beheaded by radicals

Just over 20 miles southwest of the capital, Addis Ababa, lies the small town of Sebeta. The settlement is predominantly Islamic with only a handful of Christian institutions active in the area. A local Muslim leader, Jawar Mohammed, recently lost his personal security protection granted to him by the state and responded by stirring up social fervor among his local acolytes.

The town’s population erupted, with riots forming and mobs coalescing across the urban center to protest the actions of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government. Eventually, the militant locals made their way en masse to the homes of Pastors Isaias and Assefa Tesfaye, of Full Gospel Church and Mekane Yesus Lutheran Church respectively. Both men were seized and beheaded following the storming of their residence compounds.

In the end, there were a total of 67 fatalities and 213 wounded as the unrest continued in protests. Locals were beaten and stoned on horrific scales; town infrastructure and private residences were wrecked by the spontaneous furor. The government summoned the Ethiopian military to restore order to the township over the days following. Such incidents akin to this have been on the rise for the past couple of years, and have resulted in the internal displacement of over two million Ethiopian natives.

To temper this with some good news, Ethiopia is a Christian majority country, although largely Orthodox, but Evangelical Christianity is growing rapidly. Ethiopia is also experiencing the largest turning to the Lord after China.



Source: (VOM)


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Bridges of Hope
Bridges of Love
Calgary Dream Centre: Believe the dream this Christmas
Capernwray Quebec
Castle Travel
Christian Service Brigade
Christianity Explored
God’s Littlest Angels
Insight For Living
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
People International Canada
Rock Solid Refuge
Teen Challenge Alberta men’s centre expansion
The Mustard Seed – Coldest Night of the Year









Aftercare Ministries (ACM) Society is a not-for-profit Christian outreach ministry that exists for the purpose of faithfully and prayerfully proclaiming the good news of the cross of Jesus Christ to those incarcerated in prison. We are grateful when God allows us to witness as the seed of His word bears the fruit of a transformed heart. We work in the prisons to share this message of hope and assist in transition from prison to society.

Through involvement in the prison ministry following incarceration, ACM has become more familiar with the plight and special circumstances of offenders, ex-offenders, and their immediate and extended families. The aftercare needs are numerous and significant, and the opportunities for Christian service are virtually unlimited. They include: pointing individuals to the transforming power of Christ, assisting the new believers in one-on-one, ongoing long-term friendships, mentoring, connecting to a biblical community, and providing discipling and guidance through incarceration and the transition to freedom.

ACM works with other agencies and Christian ministries to access appropriate community resources for participants. This is the joy and privilege of this type of ministry and if you would like to volunteer or support our work, please contact us at 403-540-5736.


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Bridges of Hope

Rather than being a source of joy, your marriage can destroy your quality of life, causing silent frustration and catastrophic disappointment. But every couple is entitled to a meaningful marriage filled with passion, intimacy, and shared purpose. The All-for-Nothing Marriage by Daniel Zopoula is a highly practical tool designed to help couples identify a path for achieving just those things.

Drawing in his experience and a guiding faith, Zopoula will walk you through the philosophy underlying his unique take on today’s marriage solutions with brilliant insights, personal reflections and practical advice to show how any marriage can be better.

The book is divided into two intuitive sections: Part One explores the internal workings of a marriage; Part Two challenges readers to implement four practical steps to rekindle the core connection which results in phenomenal love and ultimate fulfillment in life.

Here is a step-by-step guide for neutralizing your marital problems with a redemptive mindset, one that will turn a mediocre marriage into a remarkable one. Here is a paradigm-shifting approach to recalibrate your expectations, increase intimacy and emotional togetherness, make the most of your relationship, live a better story and experience a meaningful life.

Whether you are married, or, just looking for illuminating advice, The All-for-Nothing Marriage will forever transform your understanding of the anatomy of marriage, and the unique value you bring to a relationship that’s critical to so many people’s lives.


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Bridges of Love

After a large-scale disaster, municipal services do not have the capacity to manage the over-whelming needs of entire communities. Networks of prepared individuals and local agencies that collaborate effectively, reduce dependence on municipal services, and mitigate resulting damage. During and after a catastrophic event people want to help!

Bridges of Love’s Community Emergency Response Team training, or CERT, assures a safe Neighbours helping Neighbours response. Teams of volunteers are Coordinated, Equipped, Ready, and Trained PRIOR to disaster. Safety for CERT volunteers and the safety for those they assist, is always a top priority. CERT is a grass roots strategy that is both practical and realistic, strengthening community safety and preparedness, through increased civic participation. CERTs save lives and protect property.

Bridges of Love Ministry promotes community resiliency; connecting people, churches, and networks; through coordination, resources, and training.


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Calgary Dream Centre: Believe the dream this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and bringing with it excitement in the air. The Calgary Dream Centre is looking forward to the opportunity this season brings to make dreams a reality – Dreams of overcoming addiction, reuniting with family, and taking positive steps forward.

As Calgarians across the city celebrate family, hope, and community connection, it can make the most vulnerable among us feel increasingly isolated, broken, and alone. While community strengthens ties, homelessness and addiction can cause them to fray or even break.

This Christmas, the Dream Centre is looking for people to join them in providing recovery, connection, and hope, giving everyone the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

“I didn’t really have dreams when I was in addiction, didn’t really think of dreams,” says Vanessa Kerwin, graduate of the Dream Centre’s Women’s Recovery program.

“It might sound corny, but I feel like my dreams are now coming true.”

For those caught in cycles of homelessness and addiction, simply having a dream can seem impossible. Thankfully, recovery changes that.

By giving to the Dream Centre this holiday season, you can provide a holiday meal that nourishes, a home to keep someone warm and safe, and most importantly, the support necessary to help someone on their path to their dreams.

Joel Kingdon’s story is a testament of this. “Until I moved in with my dad at age eight, I grew up in a really abusive home. There was a lot of drugs. A lot of alcohol,” he says.

“I became a pretty violent kid. If you looked at me wrong in high school it would be a street fight for sure. I got into a lot of trouble and had a lot of anger. It all links back to the abuse in my childhood.”
This sent Kingdon into a blur of broken relationships, incarceration, and homelessness that lasted for years.

At his lowest point, Joel lost his daughter due to addiction. When they took her away it was his wake up call. He finally reached out for help and found the Dream Centre.

“I graduated on August 8, 2018 which means I’m over a year sober. This place works but you gotta want it. In my eyes, the Dream Centre saved my life.”
Kingdon is now reunited with his daughter, working full time, and happy.

“I never thought any of this would happen. It’s just slowly all coming together. Your Dreams absolutely do come true. I can finally be a good parent my daughter deserves. There is a purpose to me breathing right now,” says Kingdon.

By believing the dream this Christmas, you can support others like Kingdon. You can give at, by calling 403-243-5598 or in person at the Dream Centre on Macleod Trail S.


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Castle Travel

I’m Joseph Newell, Founder & Managing Director of Castle Travel; our goal is to Bridge Travel & Missions, Vacations Too!

Come visit me at Mission Fest in Vancouver, Booth 902. I have over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, owning and operating my own company.

I work with the Travel Agent Next Door. We together have the best brands, hotel chains, airlines, cruise companies, touring companies and more. I am passionate about travel and providing you with the Air Travel or Holiday of a lifetime that will fit your needs and budget.

Today your business support allows me to be a Global Volunteer Missionary.

On another travel-related note, Pastors, you and/or your congregation could help us by allowing us your air mile points; this would help missionary travel to and from our home countries. Hope to hear from you soon!, or 613-340-7718.

An affinity partner of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada


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Capernwray Quebec

Bible school at Capernwray Québec is designed to provide a practical understanding of the centrality of Christ in the Christian life, preparing students for full-time Christian ministry, regardless of occupation!

Biblical study through classes and group discussions, community living, and outreach opportunities are highlights of the program.

We offer an English-speaking program located in French-speaking Québec, giving students a unique opportunity to encounter and engage the culture of Québec.
Bible school is offered as two stand-alone programs; Fall school runs from September to December, and Winter school from January to April. There is no overlap in material, so many students join us for the full year!

Reach is a four-week Spring program, created for both new students and alumni who want to grow spiritually and are ready for a challenge! Reach has a strong emphasis on proclaiming Christ within Quebec through outreach and service.

For more information visit

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Christian Service Brigade

Christian Service Brigade and the churches of Alberta are building Godly men of today and tomorrow. The need for boys to have a Christ-centred meeting place where they can learn to be men of God has never been greater. Parents from all across Alberta are looking to the Church for a wholesome ministry that will build their sons as strong men of God.

Men within the local church are certified by CSB to win and train today’s active boys and young men for Christ. Developing leaders hone their skills through games, projects and storytelling. Christian Service Brigade becomes an outreach to the families of their neighbourhoods and schools. CSB churches grow as their men and families incorporate “service to others” as their mission for Christ.

Check out what’s new with CSB in Alberta at and get your boys and men involved in a CSB group near you.


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Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored (CE) is an outreach ministry which was developed in a church in London, England, in the early 2000’s by evangelist Rico Tice, under the leadership of John Stott. It involves a seven week journey through the Gospel of Mark to look at Jesus from three perspectives: Identity (Who is he?), Mission (Why did he come?), and Call (invitation to follow him and what does it mean to do so.) It uses the format that has proven effective in communicating the Gospel message to todays, lesser-churched culture – invitation, food, talk, discussion – where guests are welcomed unconditionally and encouraged to ask any question or offer any opinion without ridicule or condemnation.

CE has resources not only for leading people to a first-time relationship with Jesus Christ, but for discipling and deepening the faith of those God has brought to that new relationship through other means.


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God’s Littlest Angels

God’s Littlest Angels is a Haitian orphanage. It was founded by John and Dixie Bickel in 1994, when a nearly two-pound baby girl was born at the hospital in Fermathe. Because of her size, she was not given much of a chance of survival. However, through the efforts of the Bickels, Angel Noel went home to her parents after four months. Today, GLA offers short-term assistance to children needing a place to stay due to bad health or the death of a parent, but who are not up for adoption. These children will return to their families once their circumstances improve. Some cannot return to their families and are waiting for adoptive parents.
Sign up today for a “Donate your change round-up giving account.” When you make an everyday purchase using your chequing or PayPal account (credit/debit card), you will be giving your spare change to help GLA. It is rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Your donation of $1 per day will help GLA cover the basic expenses so we can focus on other supplemental services.


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Insight For Living

This year we extended an invitation to our listeners and readers. We invited you to partner with Insight for Living Canada as we plant the seed of God’s Word in the Lord’s ongoing work of building His church.

To those who have supported this ministry through prayers and finances, thank you.

Every week, our programs air 2,000 times across the country. On top of that, thousands of people stream Insight for Living online or on mobile devices, read our devotional emails, or purchase books and CDs. The Word of God is reaching Canadians. Jesus is building His church and lives are being changed.

We are continually reminded of by the phone calls, emails, and letters we receive that Insight for Living Canada is in a spiritual partnership with God and with people like you.

We cherish your friendship with Insight for Living Canada. Thank you for standing with us.


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Kenneth Copeland Ministries

2020 – The Year of New Visions, Great Change and Manifested Power
Prophecy delivered by Kenneth Copeland

What about 2020? Many things will be said about vision in 2020 because of the natural nature of 20/20 eyesight. But you and I, and those who seek the face of God and know the voice of God…will have vision, insight, ideas and concepts. And it will be a time of the fulfilling of the word that was spoken in My WORD that said, ‘The young men and the old men shall have visions and dreams’…

The LORD is revealing new visions this coming year that will be absolutely stunning. They will include insights, ideas and concepts that have never been heard of before. Joel 2:28-29 (and Acts 2:16-18) tells us, “It shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.”

2020 will be a year of great change. Wonderful and magnificent changes in the kingdom of God in the earth. Changes that will come because of insights, ideas and concepts directly from Jesus to His Church by His mighty Spirit. Glorious concepts of how His laws work; the laws governing increase and financial prosperity; the laws of the Spirit that release miracles and divine healings and manifestations of His Almighty power on the earth. New concepts of His love; His very person; for He is love. Insights into the true power and strength of His joy.

Stay focused in 2020. To help, we want to offer you a FREE 2020 Calendar. This beautifully-designed calendar includes a daily Bible reading plan and inspiring scriptures. Order yours today and let it be a reminder of God’s love for you!



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People International Canada

People International Canada serves in greater Central Asia often referred to as the Stans. Our friends and those we minister to are shop keepers, teachers, bakers, taxi drivers, grandmas, farmers and business people. Our goal is to invest in local believers and build up the local churches. In one country we work in, a “Gypsy” or Roma ministry has begun. One of our team members has a special interest in Gypsies. He ministers in a gypsy community where many have now come to Jesus. Not only have they decided to follow Jesus, but the decision has changed their lives: they have registered their marriages, put their children in school, and started working! No one has ever heard of such life changes before in this country. This is the real ou come of sharing Jesus in hard-to-reach places. People’s lives are transformed. Communities are changed for the good.


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Rock Solid Refuge

This past Christmas was a time for messages of hope through the gift of Jesus. We offer hope all year round.

Here is a message of hope from one of our students.

“I didn’t have a father for much of my early years. My mother raised me and my four siblings in the Inner city of Calgary. I surrounded myself with people who were older and involved with the streets. I used drugs, sold drugs, and became a sly manipulator.

“One night the police took me home, my mother was waiting up for me. She cried while she looked me in the eyes and told me I reminded her of my father.

“This was my moment of clarity.

“She told me about Rock Solid Refuge, a program for young boys who struggle with substance abuse, dysfunctional lifestyles, depression, and pornography. I trusted my mother that she knew what was best for me.

“Rock Solid is where I found the space to really get close to God and get away from the distractions that would mislead me from what God really created me for. My mentors encouraged me to fast, pray, dwell on the scriptures, learn from my Christian brothers and sisters, and serve as often as possible to the glory of God.


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Teen Challenge Alberta men’s centre expansion

On average, two people die every day in Alberta as a result of suspected opioid overdoses. Since 1986, Teen Challenge Canada has offered hope and healing to addicted men at the Alberta Men’s Centre – a 12-bed addiction treatment centre in Priddis, just outside Calgary. In light of the growing demand for rehabilitation services, Teen Challenge is building a new, expanded 24-bed Alberta Men’s Centre.

“Our current 12-bed facility consists of an old farmhouse converted into a dormitory, plus several ATCO trailers used for offices and classrooms, which does not give us enough room to operate our faith-based program and provide dignity to the men,” says Centre Director, Greg Cornelsen. Instead of renovating these aging structures – and having to shut down their much-needed beds – Teen Challenge Canada is constructing a purpose-built facility on the property. “There has been a waiting list for the Alberta Men’s Centre for as long as I can remember,” says Teen Challenge Canada CEO, Glen Smeltzer. Adding more dorm rooms, bathrooms and classrooms will allow for flexibility in the program. Most importantly, there will be beds for 12 more men to get the help they so desperately need.

Teen Challenge Canada now has three centres in the Prairie provinces – a men’s centre in Allan, SK a new women’s centre in Hague, SK, plus the Alberta Men’s Centre. When the expanded centre in Alberta is complete, Teen Challenge will offer 87 recovery beds, serving men and women, in Western Canada.

Teen Challenge has already raised $4 million toward the project. “Donors have stepped up in a big way,” says David Tait, Senior Development Officer. There are sufficient donations to complete the external structure before winter. “We are trusting God for the remaining 1.5 million so we can complete the interior and open the new centre in 2020,” says Greg Cornelsen.

“This new facility enables us to expand our mandate to help men and women overcome substance addictions to lead full and productive lives in the Prairie Provinces,” says Glen Smeltzer.

For more information please visit


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The Mustard Seed – Coldest Night of the Year

On Saturday, February 22, 2020, friends and family will bundle up in their snow gear and step out into the outdoors for the annual Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) fundraiser. This family-friendly walk-a-thon offers a sneak peek into the life of those experiencing homelessness and the struggles they face on a daily basis. This educating experience is not only an eye-opener but also raises money for the programs and services specifically created to help our vulnerable community members.

At The Mustard Seed, we are walking because there are many people in great need of support, compassion, and assistance in their desire for a better life – we have a calling to help those in need. The Mustard Seed is a safe and supportive haven where people experiencing homelessness and poverty can have their physical needs met, but also begin to heal and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“The only way we can do what we’ve been called to do is by mobilizing the whole community,” explains Byron Bradley, Managing Director of Central Alberta. “The struggles involved in homelessness and poverty are in the community, and so are the solutions.”

By experiencing a small part of what our guests endure every day, we can begin to pour our hearts and resources into specific programing designed to grow towards positive changes in our cities.

“We do not walk just to understand, we walk to make a difference,” said Steve Wile, Chief Executive Officer of The Mustard Seed.

By participating in the 2, 5, or 10 km walk, you can help shine a light on those who are struggling to find a safe and supportive place, and begin to grow with the needs of those we serve.

Join The Mustard Seed in bringing hope and help our neighbours in need by signing up for a walk in your city:
– Calgary East
– Edmonton South
– Medicine Hat
– Red Deer
– Kamloops


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