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Restored Ministries

by Danielle Moffat


Restored Ministries, an Edmonton-based, Non-Government organization, is not afraid to tackle the taboo subject of sexual addictions in its drive to see men, and on a few occasions women, released from the stronghold of pornography and other deviant sexual behaviour.


The Birth of the Ministry
Matthew Cline, the founder of Restored Ministries, believes that “Addiction to pornography is an epidemic that is changing the neurological makeup of our brains in ways that slow our motivation, decrease our ability to experience joy, and make us prone to depression”. He remarked that he has always had a desire to tackle this social problem but never truly committed the time to do so until he experienced a very powerful and life-changing encounter with God in 2014. Like many of our biblical heroes, he did not shirk away from the call and immediately sought the expertise of Pastors and ministry leaders to breathe life into the project.

The rest, as they say, ‘is history’ and in the Fall of 2016, Restored Ministries was officially launched. To date, thousands of people have been positively impacted by the workshops, motivational talks, and one-on-one coaching offered. In recent years, Restored Ministries launched an online ‘Restored Boot Camp’ course that has significantly expanded the organization’s reach, resulting in persons from as far away as Africa obtaining the tools needed to break their addictions. The course focuses on, among other things, building an intimate relationship with God, dealing with withdrawals, and restoring the neurology of the brain. For more information about the cost and length of the course, please visit


Upcoming Event
In September 2018, the organization hosted its first Victory Conference under the theme, “Standing Firm in a Sexualized World”. Due to the positive response, a second Victory Conference is planned for October 18-19, 2019 under the theme, “Conquering Sexual Addiction”. This year’s conference features a neuro-psychologist who will expound on scientific approaches to the treatment of addictions and provide scriptural references for support. Persons interested in finding out more about the conference or registering for the event can do so at

The Future
When asked about the future of Restored Ministries, Cline remained optimistic, envisioning the expansion of the organization’s online educational platform and the counselling services offered to heal past trauma, and strengthening of the outreach and support care services being offered to recovering addicts.
For more information about Restored Ministries, please visit or email