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The Bible and Science: Mars catastrophism allowed

The Bible and Science: Mars catastrophism allowed

by Raymond Strom


One only needs to look at the night sky at specific times of the year, and you will notice a bright reddish orb occupying the sky.  It has long fascinated people due to this red coloration, and when viewed through even a moderately powered telescope, you will see variations in the red coloration as well as the white caps at the poles of this nearby planet.

After the Moon, Mars was the next viable target to land a spacecraft, and as it is NASA’s mandate to find life elsewhere in the Universe, Mars represented a bite-sized step toward this goal.  The first American lander, Viking 1, in 1976 contained a biology experiment that was hoping to demonstrate that life was present on Mars.  One could argue that these landers were failures in that regard.

Move to the issue of catastrophism.  On Earth, catastrophism cannot be allowed.  I was told in the 1980s that if catastrophism is invoked on Earth, there must be Bibles associated with it.  So, no catastrophism on Earth.  But what about Mars?  Let’s take a look.

Flooding is acceptable on Mars.  (Don’t talk about it on Earth!)  Smithsonian’s website actually uses the term “massive flooding” as they describe the channels that were apparently cut by enormous water flows that dwarf what is attributed to water flow on Earth.  Some of these “outflow channels” make our Grand Canyon look puny.  These floods, which supposedly took place 3.6-3.4 billion years ago, left devastation seen even today.  Take, for example, Valles Marineris, an enormous canyon, described as being over 3,000 kilometers long and over 600 kilometers wide in places with depths as much as 8 kilometers (see photo).  This is a huge canyon with mars-global scale.  Compare this to the Grand Canyon, 800 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide and 1.8 kilometers deep.  Puny!  Global flooding on Mars, not so much on Earth, at least according to evolutionary geologists.  So, if global flooding can occur on Mars, why not on Earth?  Recent papers at the International Conference on Creationism provide supporting evidence for massive flooding on Earth, but these are completely ignored by the evolutionary community.  One only has to have an open mind, and look in the right places.  The Genesis record of the Flood wins again.

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