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Love story and comedy at Rosebud Theatre

Love story and comedy at Rosebud Theatre

By Laureen F. Guenther


Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Adam and Eve will open at Rosebud Theatre, September 7.

Heather Pattengale of Rosebud will play Eve, and Bruce Davies from Toronto will perform the role of Adam.

In the story, “The world is newly-created, and in it are placed one woman and one man, both of whom think themselves ‘the main part of the experiment,’” Pattengale says in an email. “She is curious about the creature with no hips who doesn’t seem to do anything. He wishes the creature with the long hair would not talk so much.”

“They learn to overlook each other’s shortcomings and work together to create a life, discovering all they can about the world around them,” she says. “In the end, they realize that companionship is the most wonderful discovery of all.”

The show is both comedy and love story, Pattengale says. “The humour comes from jostling for position, the disagreements and misunderstandings, and the pure bewilderment that is typically experienced at the beginning of any new relationship.”

Pattengale played this role once before. In 2010, when she was a student at Rosebud School of the Arts – and a newlywed, she produced and performed the show as her Final Project.

“Being about 2 years into my own marriage at the time, the hilarious foibles of the first man and woman resonated with me,” she says.

That production was a dramatization of The Diary of Adam and Eve by Marc Bucci, based on stories by Mark Twain. For this season’s production, Pattengale and artistic director Morris Ertman have created additional scenes, included more elements from Twain’s original stories, and modernized some of his concepts about men and women. But the show retains Twain’s wry perspective on human interaction. “It wouldn’t be Mark Twain without his insightful observations about human nature, relationships, grief, purpose and love,” Pattengale says. “For all its laughter, the story comes to rest in a profound, thoughtful place. I find this story funny because there is so much about it that is true!” she says. “Men and women can be at times ridiculous, puzzling, stubborn and sincere.”

“I hope that audiences are able to recognize themselves in these two characters and have a good, hearty laugh at their own foibles.” The Diaries of Adam and Eve runs September 7 to October 20 in Rosebud’s Opera House. Get tickets at 1-800-267-7553 or

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