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Beth Moore coming to Calgary

by Brianna Deutsch


“We’re going to have to let truth scream louder to our souls than the lies that have infected us,” says Beth Moore in her book, So Long Insecurity. Moore is a woman who has known first-hand the strikes of adversity in the struggle that has been interwoven in her past, yet she continues to persevere with holy grit and grace. She has struggled with a past marred with challenges – which many of us can relate to – yet she turned those issues into a beautiful testimony of what God can do through a life. 

She has allowed the truth of the Word of God to dictate the situation, rather than the situation itself. She allowed the promises of God to speak louder, rather than her tepid feelings. A living testimony of God’s grace.

Moore is also a woman who is not afraid to speak and stand in the truth. She has been vocal about issues regarding sexual abuse, sexism and divorce in the church. In one of her twitter posts Moore writes, “I’m pro marriage. Nearly 40 years of ups and downs to back that up. But when we as a church culture demonize divorce as the worst possible outcome — the sin of all sins — we truly have no clue on this ever loving earth what some people are enduring. We do not submit to abuse. No.” Being bold is no easy feat in today’s hyper-sensitive society, but it’s a necessity if we want change. 

And Moore knows a thing or two about change. The founder of Living Proof Ministries, Moore, like many devoted evangelists and churchgoers, has watched the ebb and flow of biblical viewpoints and stances. Yet, her ministry’s aim for women who desire to model their lives on Christian principles has been constant and built on a firm foundation. Moore is also a well-estabilshed Christian author, Bible teacher and host of the radio show, Living Proof with Beth Moore.

June 22-23, 2018 Moore will be at the Stampede Corral in Calgary. She will be joined by Travis Cottrell who will be leading worship. Her last time in Calgary was in 2012, when she preached in a sold out venue. 

From sharing relatable, candid stories on stage that allow the audience to enter into her biblical teaching, to her energetic and authentic demeanour, Moore has a gift of preaching the word of God. And this June, Calgary is ready to host Moore once again!

Moore gives her audience a first-hand glimpse into what a godly lifestyle looks like: authentic relationship with God. A relationship that is a necessity, especially in days like today. In her messages, she digs deep, exploring the context of the biblical meaning, rather than just skimming the surface with only her personal reflection. It’s through her deeply developed reflections on the word of God that draws people in. Her preaching and writing style is uniquely tailored to the woman who is yearning for more of God and for more freedom in her life. 

Freedom that is palpable, freedom that is tangible, freedom grounded in truth, because without truth there is no freedom. 

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June 21-22, Foothills Alliance Church in Calgary will host Beth Moore’s You Lead, a Lifeway pre-conference training and equipping event for women of all ages and stages in life. It is a build-your-own experience event, where attendees can choose from a list of relevant breakout sessions to focus on what each person needs to learn the most.

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