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PURE FLIX – a family alternative

by Adrian Prasad

With the steady rise and domination of streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, parents today are finding themselves increasingly concerned with the topic of screen time. Along with the question of how much screen time a child should have, there is an added variable of how appropriate is the content provided through these platforms? If content has been a big worry for you as a parent, perhaps the answer lies in a new platform breaking into Canada that provides wholesome, Christian content known as Pure Flix.

There’s no doubt that YouTube and Netflix have become giants when it comes to television and movie consumption for all ages, however the content so readily available varies from kid friendly cartoons to R-rated films involving heavy sexual and violent situations.

You might think that this issue is not much of a concern since these platforms seem to have created a ‘kids only’ section to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content. However as NBC News reported in November of last year, there is plenty of disturbing content that slips through the algorithms and ends up being viewed by impressionable children. Despite intricate algorithms and vigilant staff, content creators are still able to lure children to disturbing content.

Yes, Netflix is different from YouTube in that not just any John Doe can create content and target children. In fact, Netflixs’ Kids section as well as their Faith & Spirituality genre hold quite a surprising number of wholesome, and even Christian-friendly titles. Though you can find great content on Netflix, some parents might still be uncomfortable to find that titles such as God’s not Dead, Veggietales, and Prince of Egypt are bundled with other titles that find their origins related to other non-Christian faiths. For the parent who would rather not have to sift through hundreds of titles to find faith-based content for their family to enjoy, Pure Flix has just what you need.

In partnership with Crossroads Global Media Group, Pureflix has brought nearly 4,000 faith and family streaming video titles, including original series, movies, TV shows and kids’ programming. Comedy, drama, animation – you name it – Pure Flix gathers and even creates quality content for the whole family to enjoy. With every title centered on Christ and Christian values, you can feel secure that when your children are enjoying their screen time, they are viewing stories that you can support. It goes almost without saying that there still is content available on Pureflix that though Christ-centered,  may contain violence and other mature situations. Not to worry though, even with some mature content, your kids won’t stumble upon anything close to Game of Thrones on the site.

As great as Pure Flix is, sites like Netflix have set the bar pretty high in terms of innovation, consistency and a user-friendly interface. Pureflix does provide information like a cast list and very helpful paragraph breakdowns of what kind of potentially inappropriate scenes might appear in the title you have chosen. This however is not the case for every title; some titles I had viewed presented a user rating, but no actual film rating while others had a brief description, but no information on date, cast, producers, etc.

All in all, Pureflix starting at $10.99 USD per month is a great price for a service that brings your family more Christian and family-friendly content than any other streaming service around.

Pure Flix is available to be streamed via PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku and many more devices. Take advantage of their 30-Day Trial .

It can be a great alternative for those parents who find that other sites like Hulu, Netflix, etc are just causing too many issues in their household.