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A minute for the persecuted church: Iran

A minute for the persecuted church: Iran

Edited and submitted by Al Coats


Iran’s religious minorities are hopeful that the current protests may bring positive change. Shortly after Christmas, Iranians took to the streets to protest social and economic grievances. The Iranians who are protesting have had it with an ideological regime that represses them and can’t even provide economic security. The people are calling for change, both in leadership and in how the nation’s money is used. Since the protests started, they have spread to 100 cities across the nation, dozens of people have been killed and over 450 people have been arrested.

The harsh Islamic regime has made life hard for all Iranians, but especially for Christians who are systematically discriminated against, barred from various public offices and military posts, prohibited by law from proselytizing, etc. Converting to Christianity is considered apostasy, and converts are regularly harassed, detained, imprisoned and tortured.

Despite the extreme opposition Christians face, the underground church in Iran is the fastest growing in the world. And they are just as concerned about what’s happening in Iran as their non-Christian neighbours.

Church leaders are focused on two things. First, they are asking for prayer to know how they should go out into the streets and do ministry among those doing the rioting. Secondly, they are trying to discern whether long term, they will, as a nation, one day have freedom of religion, so they can meet and worship without being arrested.

They are concerned not just about the revolution that might take place, but how that is going to impact the church in the future.

Please Pray for Iran.

Ask God that if any change is to come about as a result of these protests, that He would bring a peaceful transition.

Pray for Christians to have wisdom and courage in their outreach.

Source: (ICC)

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