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God has the puzzle box

by Frank King


Ever tried to do a puzzle without the picture which shows the final product? It’s almost impossible.

When it comes to life, many of us feel like we’re in that situation. Each day, or week, or season is a puzzle piece and we have no picture to figure out where it fits with all the other pieces.

You’re enduring a time of unemployment. How is this puzzle piece part of the big picture? You’re grimly hanging on while one of your parents slips away. Where does this piece fit into the puzzle? You and your spouse are struggling to stay together. Can this piece possibly be part of the overall picture?

I heard a work colleague speak about this and he pointed out that in these situations, we must remember that there is, in fact, a box that has a picture of your life puzzle.

And God has that box.

So many Christ followers, often including me, are desperate to see the box. And the reason is simple and unpleasant: we don’t trust God.

We can’t understand how the ups and downs of life make sense. And if we can’t figure it out, then it must not be sensible.

That’s the thinking of this world, which assumes that because we can’t see God’s big picture, then He doesn’t have one and He doesn’t care about us.

I often stray close to that line of thought. For example, all the members of my biological family reject Christ and my cautious attempts to engage them in spiritual thinking are going nowhere. So I question if God cares.

My wife deals with fibromyalgia and my prayers don’t make much of a difference. So I question if God cares.

Would it change things if I had the puzzle box? Maybe. But then I would be on par with God. And the only person at that level is Christ.

So I struggle with my trust issue, knowing God is aware of my wife’s challenges and aware of my biological family’s spiritual alienation.

In the end, I need to answer this question: if all God does for me is provide forgiveness and eternal life through the gift of His Son, is that enough?

Views expressed by Frank King in this column are his own and do not reflect on his role as manager of media relations for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada and Samaritan’s Purse Canada.

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