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Canada’s free speech saga continues

Canada’s free speech saga continues

by Scott Ventureyra


In Canada, the assaults on free speech continue like clockwork. Free speech, a self-correcting mechanism that makes possible civil public discourse and social peace in free societies, is increasingly under attack throughout Europe and North America.

Canada in particular is on an unwavering path toward cultural suicide. It is a shameful period for Canadians, as the Liberal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to bow to the demands of favored minorities and the political activists who claim to represent their interests. Indeed, Trudeau has unwittingly become postmodernism’s poster boy. He has abandoned truth in his unbridled pursuit of power and has further exacerbated what was already a decades-long problem.

As one of the architects of the deconstructionist postmodern ideology underlying this trend, Jean-Francois Lyotard maintained that the utilization of language is power. According to Lyotard, the “truth” is controlled by the one who has the platform to speak. Thus, fittingly, authoritarians have incessantly sought to shut down inconvenient speakers, those who advocate free speech, in an attempt to strip them of any power to persuade.

For example, in late September, Liberal Members of Parliament (MPs) walked out on Rachel Harder, who is a pro-life MP who was picked for the status of women committee chair for the Conservative Party of Canada. This disregard, not only for truth but common decency, dialogue, and understanding, has become pervasive across Canada.

Following the poorly drafted and totalitarian Bill C-16, which compels individuals to use an ever-growing list of personal pronouns for self-identified transgendered persons, the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario’s bar association) now demands lawyers submit a “statement of principles” or risk disbarment.

Canadian institutions of higher learning are increasingly implementing Lyotard’s dictum on power and speech. A communications graduate student teaching assistant, Lindsay Shepherd, at Wilfred Laurier University (WLU) was recently reprimanded for showing a brief clip of a debate concerning the compelled usage of non-gendered pronouns on Steve Paikin’s mainstream public television show, The Agenda. What was Shepherd’s crime? Apparently, she did not condemn the politically unfashionable views of Jordan Peterson who refuses to use non-gendered pronouns as required by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Instead, she held a neutral position, in order not to influence her students. This is good pedagogy if educating is your objective. However, indoctrination was the goal of the Communication Studies faculty. Canadians should be appalled that their tax money is funding indoctrination cults whether at the universities, bar associations or wherever else.

Putting an end to this, this can only happen once people awaken from their slumber and join collectively to combat the moral morass our culture has become.

Scott Ventureyra completed his PhD in theology at Dominican University College in Ottawa

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  • Kelly
    6 months ago

    Refuse to bow to what the rules of New Speak! Use what words you please, say what you feel must be said regardless of where you are.

    If we all absolutely refuse to bow to this tyrannical attack on the basic human right of free speech, they cannot win.

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