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A minute for the Persecuted church: India

A minute for the Persecuted church: India

by Alasdair Coats


State authorities in India’s Tamil Nadu state have ordered 10 churches in the Coimbatore District to close, because their services were not properly authorized. And they have threatened to file charges against another 20 churches. If these too are closed, worship services for the local Christian community would cease entirely. Hindu extremist groups are behind this. This is a well-planned conspiracy against the Christian community.

Christians in Coimbatore are fighting back against these orders to close their churches.

In a separate event, a Catholic bishop in the central state of Madhya Pradesh has called on the local government to provide protection for the Christian community in the face of rising extremism. According to the bishop, instances of persecution and intolerance have been growing over the past couple of months, with Christians being falsely accused of forced conversions. This culminated with a burning-torch-lit march, in which Hindu radicals claimed they would “finish” Christians. They also denounced missionaries and said that the church’s social services and work in education and health are all a facade to convert gullible people to Christianity.

In another event, eight Christians in the state of Uttar Pradesh were arrested for holding a prayer meeting after police received false reports from local Hindu radicals that religious conversions were taking place. The Christians were booked for holding an illegal assembly that disturbed the public peace ! Hindu radicals often accuse Christians of crimes such as forced conversions and kidnappings, as a way to harass Christian communities.

These are just some of the hundreds of pressure tactics and attacks which have been leveled against Christians in India this year alone.

And lastly, Christian school teachers in India have warned against government attempts to push the Hinduva ideology in schools. Hinduva is an ideology that seeks to establish India as a Hindu nation. Christians and other religious minorities have taken exception to this because it excludes their faith communities from India’s national structure. The current BJP-led government operates from a Hindu nationalist foundation, which many claim is one of the major reasons attacks on Christians and other religious minorities has dramatically increased since the BJP  took power in 2014.

Please Pray for our Christian bros and sisters in India.

Source: (ICC)

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